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De L’or Cakery Corporation is a 5 Star Artisan Cake catering company where we provide tantalizing joy and connections through our Sugar Artistry.

We offer a trip around the world in every bite with our Caribbean infused cakes, cupcakes, caramel popcorn, and cake pops.

We believe that you deserve only the very best, that is why we only use the highest quality organic ingredients sourced from all around the world.

We value communication and honesty, offering expert and professional services to our customers.

De L’or Cakery Kitchen’s mission is to build a more connected and confident community cultivating young minds interested in Sugar Artistry. This is a subsidiary program of De L’or Cakery Kitchen, my gift to the community. The objective of our program is to offer a hands-on apprenticeship in Sugar Artistry for youth ages 16-21 in foster care and from under-resourced communities.

For more information on our work in the community and to further support please visit our community page De L’or Gives Back.

Executive Cake Officer


Executive Cake Officer

Hello! My name is Kayisha, and I am a highly dedicated, passionate, and professional Sugar Artist. I am currently the Cake Executive Officer at the five-star catering business, De L’or Cakery Corporation in New York, and love every moment of preparing delicious masterpieces that leave lasting impressions.

I was born in Brooklyn and was raised in Queens, New York, and have always been ardent about food art and the human mind. So much, in fact, that I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, hold a Master’s degree in Human Services, and obtained a Post Master Certificate in Mental Health Counseling. While working towards that aspiration, I simultaneously practiced perfecting my culinary skills, which has led me to where I am today.

I have nearly a decade of cake baking and decorating experience and have been able to utilize my culinary talents and human-centric knowledge to foster business growth, optimally teach others to reach their creative decorating potential, and deliver exquisite treats for any occasion. Now, I am super excited to offer even more by shipping delicious Hennessey Caramel Popcorn, Gourmet Cake Jars, and Cakesicles right to your doorstep. I am also giving customers the ability to order my exotic flavored cupcakes with a Caribbean twist online for pick up.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to exceed my customer’s expectations and give them the confidence that their sugar artistry visions will be ideally executed, down to the fine-tune details. I look forward to branching out and giving more people the ability to admire and savor my creations and make the world a bit more sweeter.


Community donation

Interested in donating to our Sugar Artistry community classes?

Call 347-481-3292 or email me directly at

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