I won a Joanns Minority Business Grant

Kayisha Thompson, 1 of 2300 to the Top 20
Kayisha Thompson, @joanns_stores 2020 Creative Minority Grant Winner.

Joann’s Fabric stores play a pivotal role in my current creative endeavor. In 2008, I relocated from New York City to Snellville, GA. As I was exploring my new world, I walked into a Joann’s Fabric Store. I did not know the store until that day. I saw a large sign advertising cake decorating classes. I enrolled in the basic cake decorating program and decided to complete the entire cake decorating series offered by Wilton Industries. My instructor, Tasha, invited me to become a Wilton Method Instructor. I walked in as an explorer and walked out as a Cake Designer.

De L’or Cakery Kitchen, a subsidiary program of De L’or Cakery Corporation, has a mission to build a more connected and confident community, cultivating young minds interested in Sugar Artistry. The objective of our program is to offer hands-on apprenticeships in Cake Decorating. I am partnering with a school in the South Bronx to teach their youth for a week baking and cake decorating in 2021. The youth will receive free baking and cake decorating kits.

Celebrate your wins, follow your dreams, and do not let others deter you! 

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