Wilton’s New Fondant!

Spring has sprung! Hello Everyone! I apologize for my absenteeism regarding my blog. I have been making moves, and as a solopreneur, I am happily doing many things on my own, but I do get help from time to time.

My cookie mix line is now available at the Sistah Shop in the Mills Mall in New Jersey. Hoorah! I am working on my Mother’s Day Sweet Campaign. I will be offering a treat box for my locals. Last, on-demand cooking and baking courses will be available by the end of April. I am so excited about some other news that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks.

I love to share products that I enjoy using authentically. We are in a world where others can easily influence people into making purchases one might regret. I asked the universe to work with brands that align with my brand. It’s non-negotiable. I have turned down opportunities because it doesn’t fit. From time to time, I like to share brands that I may not even be in a paid partnership with, and that’s because I want others to enjoy what’s available to them.

Sweet product review

Wilton Industries launched, or should I say, revamped their flavored fondant line; White Chocolate, Caramel, and Chocolate fondant. You can watch my live reviews on the flavors at www.instagram.com/Delorcakery on my IGTV series.

The Chocolate fondant is perfect for people who love chocolate but isn’t a chocoholic like me. It’s the ideal depth of chocolate that anyone can enjoy reasonably. It’s the opposite statement of “it’s too chocolatey .” It’s simply perfect.

The White Chocolate fondant smells like white chocolate, the flavor is very subtle, and it tastes far more sugary. I’ve had Wilton’s regular fondant as well, as I have samples of many other brands. I would instead use their traditional vanilla fondant to cover a cake or make cupcake toppers than their white chocolate fondant.

The caramel fondant is the creme de la creme of fondant. It’s superb! The scent is delicious! It smells like a fresh batch of sea salt caramel that I made in my kitchen. Wilton used real sweetened condensed milk to create this product, and you won’t be disappointed!

If you live in the surrounding area of Bronx, NY, Upcakesuppliesshop has this new fondant available. You can find these new and exciting fondant flavors at Upcakesuppliesshop located at 3511 Boston Road #3 East Bronx, NY.