Top 4 Wedding Cake Trends

Top 4 2022 Wedding Cake Trends

When you shop for Bronx wedding cakes or Westchester wedding cakes in 2022, you’ll probably see many of the same trending styles. From sugar pearls to rustic buttercream, we’ve got the top 4 2022 wedding cake trends to help you plan the perfect “in” dessert for your nuptials.

1.     White Sugar Pearls

You’d be surprised at the effect that white sugar pearls can have on a cake. With just a few crisscrossing your tiers, the cake will be elevated from simple to elegant. You can use them on just about any color of frosting or fondant, even white! But if you want to stray away from traditional white, try a darker, cooler color so the pearls will pop.

2.     Sweet and Simple

Most people go for height and glam when it comes to their wedding cakes (and their wedding gowns, too). But if you’re having a small or informal reception, you can get away with a sweet and simple cake.

In the days after the covid 19 pandemic, many brides and grooms want to emphasize the experience of a wedding rather than spend extravagantly on the little things, like cake. Consider asking your baker to design a simple cake with smooth buttercream or a crumb coat if this is you. Ask them to pipe on edge, perhaps in a different color from the base, to add interest. Add a flower or topper to the top, or nothing at all, and let the cake speak for itself.

Your guests will appreciate the elegance of a sweet and simple cake, and they won’t love the taste any less for it not being a spectacle.

3.     Rustic

A rustic cake in the urban jungle of New York City? Why not?

You and your baker can play with the meaning of “rustic” in several different ways. The cake can be frosted on to look like the bark of a tree. It could also be scraped across the sides of the tiers so that it’s just barely there. You may not even want any buttercream or fondant at all on the outside! Add a few sprigs of greens or flowers to complete the outdoor vibe.

4.     Individually Packaged Mini Cakes

Going into 2022, some brides and grooms in New York City will naturally be concerned about spreading covid 19 at weddings. They may want to take advantage of a new trend where instead of serving one large cake, they serve individually wrapped cakes for their guests to eat.

The beauty of handing out individual cakes is that your guests can eat them during the reception or take them home if you decide to forgo a reception entirely.  That way, everyone still gets to enjoy a delicious dessert custom-made to the couple’s taste preferences.

Conclusion: Simple Is The Trend For 2022

Everyone has had a challenging year, with covid 19 lockdowns and many couples being forced to postpone their weddings.

For your 2022 reception, don’t stress too much about the appearance of your cake. The forecasted trends are tasteful yet straightforward, with a surprising amount of wiggle room for elegant, rustic, and sweet styles.

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