10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In 2022

10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In 2022

Valentine’s Day in 2022 is coming up, and you may be wondering how you can celebrate it with your lover in the middle of a global pandemic in New York City. You may not think you can mark the day at all, what with covid 19 lockdowns and restaurant capacity limits.

But here’s a little secret: with a little creativity, not even covid 19 can stop you from enjoying this day of passion and romance with your favorite person in the world.

Here are 10 wonderful ways you can safely celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2022.

1.     Picnic In The Backyard

Your backyard is not exactly Central Park, but it’s as good as the finest park in the world when you’re picnicking with someone you love. Spread out a large blanket and prepare your lover’s favorite foods and beverages. Pack the food in sealed containers and use paper or plastic dinnerware to make cleanup as easy as pie. Be sure to pick a shady spot if you’re picnicking while the sun is up. When it starts to get dark, set out the battery or solar-powered lights for some romantic illumination.

The best part about having a picnic in your backyard is if you forget something, or if you decide you want to quickly move on from eating to more intimate activities, your home is just a few steps away.

2.     Buy Cake Jars For Two

Our jars filled with scrumptious cake are the perfect Valentine’s desserts. They’re easy to hold in one hand, they contain the mess, and you can reuse them later.

But of course, we can’t forget about the star of the whole show which is the cake. This indulgent treat will arouse all your senses and act as the perfect bookend (or prelude) to a divine date. Choose from tantalizing flavors such as rich dark chocolate (which, incidentally, is an aphrodisiac), layered with creamy buttercream and ganache.

To learn more about our cake jars, click here.

3.     Take A Day Trip Or Weekend Getaway

Sometimes it’s good to just get away for a romantic day trip or weekend. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to escape all the stress happening around you. It doesn’t matter where you go: you can drive to a nearby town to shop and try new foods, book a room in a hotel in a part of New York City you’ve never been in before, or fly to an exotic faraway destination. What matters more is that you relax and enjoy your time with your special someone.

4.     Hire A Photographer To Capture Special Moments

The special moments you share with your loved one on Valentine’s Day are worth remembering forever. Make it easier to recall them by hiring a photographer to capture all the highlights of your day. Go on your date, to the park, a favorite neighborhood, or even out into the backyard, and ask your photographer to snap away while you and your lover enjoy yourselves. Try not to pose too much; let the photographer get candid shots of your soft touches, smiles, and laughter.

When the photos are ready, print them and display them in an album. Then give the album to your lover as a token of your sweet regard.

5.     Book A Day Spa

Nothing says “I love you” like gifting your lover with a relaxing day at the spa. I personally recommend Brooklyn Bathhouse in Williamsburg. Book a double appointment there or at the spa of your choice so you can both enjoy relaxing massages, facials, thermal pools, saunas, and much more.

6.     Hire A Chef Or Play Chef For The Day

Another relaxing way to spend your Valentine’s Day is to hire a chef to do all the cooking for you. Or, if you like playing chef yourself, take over the kitchen and prepare a scrumptious meal for the two of you made with love. Whichever you decide to do, your thoughtfulness and caring heart will shine through the food.

7.     Take A Cooking Or Baking Class Together

Are you and your loved one foodies? Take a cooking or baking class together so you can make delicious meals and desserts for one another throughout the year. At my bakery, I offer some fantastic classes where I can teach you all my best kitchen tricks and tips one-on-one or with a larger group.

8.     Plan A Group Date

Speaking of groups, maybe you and your significant other have missed going out with your friends since the pandemic started. If that’s the case, why not turn Valentine’s Day into a group date opportunity? Plan a meal and an activity, such as playing board games or watching a romantic film, that you can all enjoy together.

9.     Donate To A Domestic Violence Shelter

On Valentine’s Day, it’s good to remember that not everyone is as blessed as you and your special person. Take this day as an opportunity to donate money, time, or toiletries to a domestic violence shelter, so that women and children that are suffering there can feel the love of the day, too.

10.  Schedule A Baking Class Via Zoom For Your Staff

If you own a company and you want to show your appreciation for your staff with Valentine’s Day gifts, schedule a Zoom baking class! This way all your employees, in the office or working remotely, can let off some steam and learn to create something yummy and heartwarming.

How will you spend your Valentine’s Day? We hope you spend at least part of it with us! Come visit us to try our mouth-watering cake jars and book an exciting cooking or baking class for you and your boo.