Thai Villa Food Review

Pak Mor Puk

Thank you to my good friend Yunmi for our friend’s date night out and thank you to your cool husband for recommending this beautiful restaurant. Thai Villa brings the culture of Thailand to you in an opulent style. When we walked into the dining area, for a moment I thought I was inside of a 24carat gold statement necklace. I love gold! Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines right next to Italian. I love it more when cultures infuse their dishes. The interior has this immensely large & beautiful gold ornament attached to the ceiling hanging above the wooden dining tables and chairs.  Thai Villa creatively combined rustic and opulent, where I felt as if it wasn’t for our winter coats that I was in a restaurant dining in Thailand. 

The staff is very professional, friendly, classy, and attentive. The servers were dressed in chut Thai which simply means Thai clothes. Chut Thai for women usually consists of a pha nung or a chong kraben, a blouse, and a sabai. Historically, both Thai males and females dressed in a loincloth wrap called chong kraben. Men wore their chong kraben to cover the waist to halfway down the thigh, whilst women wear their chong kraben down the waist to well below the knee.

The first dish brought out was a plate of steaming vegetable dumplings garnished with sesame seeds known as Pak Mor Puk. The dumplings were purple…fun! The aesthetics were very pleasing to my eyes and mind you I am blessed with 20/20 Vision. You want this review! Vegetable crepe dumplings. Chives, cabbage, jicama, black mushrooms, and bamboo shoots and served with roasted bell pepper-peanut vinaigrette dipping sauce. 

Inside beautiful Thai Villa

Our entrees were eggplant basil with chicken and beef noodles with chopped asparagus referenced to as Pad See-Ew served with fragrant Jasmine rice. Jasmine rice is one of my favorite rice flavors. As a matter of fact, it’s the only type of rice that I buy.  The Eggplant Basil is Thai chili, eggplant, onion, bell pepper, and basil leaves. This dish is very spicy. The Pad Se-Ew is broad noodles, Chinese broccoli, and egg with thick soy sauce and beef.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience at Thai Villa. Thai Villa is an underrated gem in the heart of E19 street in New York City. 

Until next time, napkin off and forks down!