QueenBeeBaker Candy Ramirez

Women Crush Wednesday Sugar Edition

Candy Ramirez


Candy Ramirez is the beautiful face behind Queen Bee Bakers & Mexi Sprinkles. I reside in Arizona with my family. I started Queen Bee Bakers because I felt alone in a Big industry, I wanted others to know they were not alone and we could all win. I started Mexi Sprinkles because there was nothing out on the market to feed my Latin side, whole decorating. I got in the industry by baking and making a name for myself.  

The most challenging thing about running businesses is giving your time away. The most rewarding thing is being able to take care of my family and help others along their journey. Entrepreneurship may be Cool now but it takes So much work and it never ends but that’s the fun part.

For all the future entrepreneurs out there, I would advise the following:

1.Love the hustle, all your Lows and Highs are there to help you 2.Mentally prepare yourself to be ridiculed and learn to be ok with just yourself 3.take care of you first, you need to be 100 if you want to run any business. I’ll add a 4th, KNOW YOUR NUMBERS AND DO THE MATH! Being an entrepreneur has brought my family so much closer. My children have learned so much that they shock me at times for what they know about business at such a young age. My motivation is the end results and the Freedom being a business owner gives me.

The mission of Queen Bee Bakers is to help our Communities not only from home but online!
Educating and assisting individuals, to help develop their passion into a business and making money while doing it! The project started off as a way to empower one another, to educate others and to instill a sense of pride!

Sweetly yours, 

Candy Ramirez

Candy Ramirez will be here in New York City on September 29, 2018 you can purchase your ticket at www.Queenbeebakers.com