Sugar Artists having fun….

For almost a year, I was trying to gather like minded individuals from the cake community to get together, have fun, and give back to our community. It has been quite a challenge.  I had large project with a non-profit organization I was hoping to execute however it didn’t flourish. I’ve learned another lesson about friendships among sugar artists. No worries.

Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles became the soundtrack for the viral sensation Mannequin Challenge. As usual, my head exploded with a fun filled ideas and the Sugar Artist Mannequin challenge evolved. I contacted the lovely and talented Lisa Mansour of New York Cake pitching my idea. She loved it and agreed for us to use her cake studio. Awesome!

I put out a call to action in various cake groups pitching the idea and asking for people to join in. I set the date and made sure I had enough data on my phone. Of course, the flu season entered and even the lovely Lisa Mansour wasn’t able to participate. What started as a party of 20 dropped to a party of 5. We didn’t care how many of us showed up we were going to make it happen and have a darn good time and we did.

A huge shout out to Sugar Artist Luquana McGriff, Prince Freddie, Natasha Jagopat, and Yunmi Katie Ham. We rocked it,had fun, and breaked bread together!