The Life of An Entrepreneur Cake Designer Edition.

Kayisha Thompson, The Cake Executive Officer

Welcome to a Day in the Life of a Entrepreneur; Cake Designer. It’s Saturday, May 15, 2021, and it’s 74 degrees out. I fought the urge to stay in bed. The bright sun and beautiful blue sky would afford me to get some natural Vitamin D.

I enter the kitchen, turn on the kettle to make a cup of Bustelo with my chocolate-flavored coffee creamer, and grab a Sargento Cheese and Cranberry snack blend out of my refrigerator. I gather my thoughts at my desk to decide what I can achieve today. It’s definitely a partial self-care day. I wanted to keep it light. I had to train myself not to work from 9 am to 9 pm as this is something that I am very good at. Did I accomplish my intentions? Read on

After having my coffee and light breakfast, I had Auntie Annie’s macaroni and cheese cup cause that’s what I do. I check my email and respond to inquiries. After talking to a prospective client, I invoice her and send her a contract. Thank you, Universe. After getting dressed and making sure that my curls are popping, I do the dishes and take the trash out.


I journey over to the Juice Bar to check in with the owner who shared that he needs more vegan cupcakes. I noticed that he has some ripened bananas and offer to make some banana nut muffins. He agrees. I head over to the supermarket, and to my surprise, the owner ordered the jumbo Driscoll strawberries. Yay! Perfect, I love Driscoll’s strawberries. I grabbed the beautiful raspberry pistachio single-serve mousse from the refrigerator and placed it in my cart. It was the bougie glass container and perfect-looking chopped pistachio on top for me! I threw in a bottle of iced coffee to pair with my new sweet treat. Finally, I got my hands on Oatley milk. I’ve wanted to try it based on the rave reviews.

Delicious Driscoll's Organic Strawberries


In this paragraph, I am going to share my moments of self-care. You see, for bakers, the Thursday leading into the weekend is usually the busiest time in the workweek. There are times where we have pulled all-nighters for different reasons burning the midnight oil for 24 to sometimes 48 hours straight no sleep. I gave that up a long time ago. Back at home, I cleaned out the refrigerator, packed up the groceries, and decided to relax. I turn on the television to watch The Underground Railroad it’s my new binge. My dessert, the raspberry pistachio mousse, I rate as four stars. The raspberry soaked into the think crust which was perfect. The mousse had the perfect hint of lemon. The pistachios lost their essence to the point where I questioned if it was pistachios.


It’s De L’or Cakery time, grabbed a glass bowl, add some water, and mix in some yellow food coloring. I soak four pieces of rice paper as a creative idea unfolded. I start to prep to make some vegan cupcakes for the Juice Bar and the banana nut muffins. “Cake toppers,” I thought, “roll out some cake toppers”. The toppers will dry overnight as I added Tylose powder to them. I begin to think about creating a design with textured buttercream and write down my ideas. My kitchen smells like heaven as I pull the cupcakes out of the oven. I transition over to my desk to create three new blog pieces for my website.

Yellow Colored Rice Paper for custom cakes


It’s early in the evening as I curl up in my bed to read a few chapters of my book hoping that Sister Souljah and Tyler Perry work together to bring her books to the big screen. For dinner, I prep to make some BBQ chicken. Cilantro paste, sugar-free ketchup, garlic, Frank’s hot buffalo sauce, and some Kraft BBQ as a mixture to marinate my chicken for a minimum of 30 minutes, and toss it in the air fryer. Delicious! For recipe visuals, visit BEST BBQ CHICKEN. Jane Fonda’s flicks always lift up my vibration and I set my eyes on watching Georgia Rules.

This is not a typical hectic workday! This is my Saturday morning after not accepting orders for the past few weeks.

If you work from home, I would love to hear what your typical workday is like. Traditionally, a workday with a crisis, in social services, I would enter the office at 9 am and get home at 2:am. (yes, the next day).