Cake Designer teaches Sugar Artistry to Harlem youth

I am SUPER excited to share that I will be serving up a Sugar Artistry curriculum to a cohort of middle school youth in Harlem, NY. The students are in for a BIG sugary treat!  They are getting a full cup of yours truly! And just like bubblegum buttercream, I’m colorful, fancy, and full of flavor. Pop! We are going to have a great time on our journey.The purpose of my curriculum is to offer economically disadvantaged youth the opportunity to grow, thrive, and learn at no cost to them. Every week I will be volunteering to teach 15 students different aspects of sugar artistry for a year.My Facebook fundraiser has earned $670.00 and are still seeking an additional $330.00 to reach our goal of $1000 to support and serve our youth. Will you help support our youth by making a donation?

DELORCAKERYKITCHEN. The donations will be used towards purchasing piping bags, fondant, notebooks, aprons, spatulas, cake boards, cake drums, gel paste, paint brushes, extracts, confectioners’ sugar, butter, handheld mixers, mixing bowls, molds, small wilt on rolling pins, large rolling pins, edible paint, boxes, swag bags, and more.You are supporting our mission of building a more connected and confident community by cultivating young minds in the field of sugar artistry. In addition, your donation will powerfully provide our youth a supportive and loving environment where they will be accepted and appreciated, learn to embrace who they are, and tap into their talents.  Thank you to our many sponsors for the outpouring of love and support. I had no idea how many people were inspired by my dream of giving back to the community through my passion for Sugar Artistry. This is going to be an amazing school year! 

Sweetly yours,

Kayisha Thompson

Cake Executive Officer