Googly Eyes Cake Tutorial

Welcome to my blog! This tutorial is for my parents celebrating Halloween at home with their child/children and looking for a fun activity. As a former substitute teacher and Clinician, I understand how challenging this pandemic is for parents and their children.

1 Cake Box Mix
3 Jars of Supermarket Buttercream aka frosting
1-6 inch round 4-inch high cake pan
One cake board
One spatula or butter knife
Green food coloring
Wilton Candy Eyes (Joann’s Fabric Store or Michael’s Arts and Craft)
Wilton Tip 1 M (Joann’s Fabric Store or Michael’s Arts and Craft)

Follow the directions on your cake box mix, and after you have baked your cake, allow it to completely cool before adding any buttercream to the cake. Use 1 1/2 of buttercream jars (Betty Crocker, Dunkin Hines, etc.) to fill and cover your cake. Microwave the leftover buttercream in 15-second increments to prevent burning. After thinning out your buttercream, add any food coloring of your choice, and thoroughly mix it out. A piping bag or a spoon spread around the cake edges, allowing the drip to form naturally. Pour a small amount of your remaining colored buttercream on top of your cake and smooth over with a spatula covering the top of your cake. Add some piped rosettes, candy eyes, and some sprinkles.

Happy Halloween!