Jennifer M. of Sweetest Moments

It’s Women Crush Wednesday Sugar Edition
Hi All! My name is Jennifer Marich, owner of Sweetest Moments LLC. I presently reside in Manalapan, NJ. I started Sweetest Moments as a result of positive responses to work I had done for a friend’s baby shower. At first it was something to pass time and do as a hobby. However, in 2013 upon finding out I was expecting I decided to work towards making my hobby something lucrative. Being a mom of 5, my biggest challenge is separating my business from my personal time. Being a one woman show, the business tends to take up the majority of my time.
The most rewarding aspect of my business is that it is mine. It is something I created, invested into and made into the success it is today. I strongly advise that the younger generation exploring entrepreneurship should do their homework. Enterpreneurship is not a piece of cake. Make sure you have a great plan and have done the proper research to carry out that plan. Secondly, do not get discouraged. You will hit walls and bumps along the way but nothing worth while is ever easy. Lastly, believe in yourself and take the chance. The unknown and uncertainty of things make us worry but you will never know what you are capable of whithout trying!  Being an entrepreneur has proven to be rough on a large family such as mine. However I have recently taken the steps necessary to allow me more time at home and with my family.  My children are my biggest motivation. Being able to provide for them while having the availability to be present for them is irreplaceable.
I aspire for Sweetest Moments to be operating from our own studio space. This space will host parties and classes to help others explore and further their baking passion. Consultations and all order processing will be handled at the studio by appointment. Additionally, I am hoping to have my treats available for your convenience at multiple locations. Sweetest Moments macarons are presently available for sale at the Planet of the Crepes kiosk in Freehold Raceway Mall located in Freehold, NJ!
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