For a Wedding Cake That Will Tantalize Your Guests, De L’or Cakery is Your Go-To! (Bronx, NY)

Getting married in New York? The cake is kind of a big deal.

Are you in the Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, or Manhattan area and looking for an incredible wedding cake that will forever be remembered by you and your guests? Do you want a wedding cake that is both delicious AND beautiful?

We are so excited to write this blog post, and introduce you to an amazing New York cakery owner. Kayisha, the owner of De L’or Cakery in Bronx, NY is such an inspirational woman! She is an entrepreneur, extremely talented cake artist, sugar artistry teacher, and she gives back to the community through an incredible program she’s established. We truly think she is someone you will find beyond perfect for the job of creating your dream wedding cake.

De L'or Cakery

First of all, we want to comment on how awesome Kayisha was to work with for this article, she is so kind, and that just adds to our love for her! It’s very clear she takes so much pride in her business and cares about each and every person she works with. When working with any vendor for your wedding, these things matter. So take it from us, we think you will love working with this cakery!

Kayisha is so creative in literally EVERYTHING she does, from cake flavors to cake designs, and now launching an e-commerce store, taking her delicious sweets online! You can buy gourmet cake jars, and one-of-a-kind cookie mixes online. She also offers cake classes and kids’ baking class kits! She has expanded her cake business to many different avenues and it’s impressive! We were so excited to ask her a few questions for this post, be sure to visit her website for even more photos and information about De L’or Cakery!

Meet Kayisha, the Owner!

My name is Kayisha Thompson. I am the Cake Executive Officer of De L’or Cakery. De L’or Cakery is a 5 Star Artisan Cake catering company where we provide tantalizing joy and connections through our Sugar Artistry. We offer a trip around the world in every bite with our Caribbean-infused cakes, cupcakes, and cookie mixes. We believe that our customers deserve only the very best, so we only use the highest quality organic ingredients sourced worldwide. We value communication and honesty, offering expert and professional services to our customers. After recuperating from having COVID19, I pivoted my business to an e-commerce platform and launched a gourmet cookie mix line.

We sell Sea Salt Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Lemon cookie mixes on our website. The Sea Salt Chocolate Chip has a vegetarian baking option on the package and website, and it’s best with a shot of Brandy mixed into the dough.

I am focusing on launching my Tropical Sunset cookie mix, a Hibiscus coconut lemonade shortbread cookie mix. The IRIE Cocoa is a cookie mix blend with cocoa powder from Jamaica, West Indies & Italy. I am in the test kitchen working on gluten and allergy-friendly cookie mixes that reflect the spices and flavors of the African Caribbean Diaspora.

Do you have any favorite flavors?

A summertime favorite is my Pineapple Coconut Rum Cupcakes. It’s a coconut-flavored cake with pineapple-flavored buttercream topped with fresh pineapples. Year-round, my best sellers are my Sea Salt Caramel (Bourbon optional) and my Wicked Dark Chocolate Cupcake. My Wicked Dark Chocolate Cupcake won third place in Lisa Mansour’s New York Cake Show in 2016.

What can you tell us about pricing?

My gourmet custom cakes start at the price of $300.00, feeding 25 people. We offer weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower cakes, and more. We offer cupcakes, cakesicles, and custom cookies.

Do you deliver?

Yes, for an additional fee, we deliver cakes; however, cakes that are three tiers or higher, no exceptions, will be delivered on-site to the venue.

What about getting started with you?

We offer private tastings in your home or at a local coffee shop and ask our customers to bring inspirational photos and share the individual’s personality that the cake is intended for. We do not copy pictures with designs that another Cake Designer executed, as that would be artistic theft. Clients should refrain from cakes with almond paste, peanut butter, and nuts to decrease allergic reactions amongst their guests. I always tell wedding clients to get the flavor that they like in the top tier and then neutral flavors in the additional tiers. All clients receive a detailed, legally binding cake contract and invoice.

De L’or Cakery is more than just wedding cakes, Kayisha also has launched a gourmet cookie line, and we are dying to try the many delicious and unique flavors she has created!

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There you have it, an amazing and unique cakery in the Bronx, NY that you can consider for your wedding cake.

De L’or Cakery

Contact: Kayisha Thompson


Location: Private Commercial Kitchen Bronx, NY

Mailing Address: PO BOX 201 Bronx, NY 10464

Stephanie Moore, is the owner of the beautiful blog who created this feature.