De L’or Cakery Seeks Support to Help Provide a “Sweet” Fellowship Opportunity for Youth


De L’or Cakery Seeks Support to Help Provide SweetFellowship Opportunity for Youth 

Local bakery also signs on to be a vendor at BrunchCon, the world’s biggest food and drink festival  

CITY ISLANDN.Y. (March 7, 2018) — Premier specialty bakery De L’or Cakery recently announced plans to begin a fellowship program for local at-risk youth in the New York City area through an iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign. The fun, hands-on learning program will teach participants fundamental skills in baking and cake decorating as well as introduce them to educational institutes that offer two- or fouryear degrees in pastry arts. 

In addition, De L’or Cakery has signed a contract to be a vendor at this year’s BrunchCon, the world’s biggest food and drink festival. This exciting opportunity will allow the companyto introduce its awardwinning, flavorpacked cheesecakes, cake pops, cookies and cakes to eight major cities on the tour. This will also be a chance to help generate support for the company’s crowdfunding campaign. De L’or Cakery strives to connect the community by enhancing their palate one splendid slice of cake at a time while giving back to promote unity and prosperity. Whenever people support the company, they will provide an opportunity for a young person to learn a trade and enhance their survival skills.

De L’or Cakery’s dream-come-true fellowship program is the brainchild of owner Kayisha Thompsonwho creatively refers to herself as the CEO, Cake Executive OfficerCity Island-based Thompson is an experienced professional in the industry, having spent many years perfecting her craft. After competing in and winning the Count Me In Urban Rebound Program, she beganworking on creating something meaningful for teens ages 15 and older. Her program targets teens who have been placed in foster care and who have a desire to learn sugar artistry and cake decorating“The goal of the program is to improve the rate of entry of success for foster youth entering into post-secondary education,” said Thompson. We are preparing atrisk youth who are challenged by trauma and have been in the foster care system for adulthood.”

All donations made to the iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign will go toward establishing a studio to hold the classes as well as the daytoday business of the company, necessary coursework materials, supplies, uniforms, transportation fees and meals. Participants will also receive their own cake decorating tool set. In addition, teens receiving a scholarship for the fellowship will learn basic and advanced skills. The program is designed to set the teens up for success in the cake artistry industry because it provides them with the professional skills that employers are seekingThis, in turn, will have a positive impact on the community and the surrounding areas by limiting idle time that could lead to crime activities. Funds donated to the campaign will have an intensive impact on the lives of youth,” Thompson said. “You’ll be providing an opportunity for them grow, learn a trade, enhance their survival skills, gain a therapeutic skillset and, more importantly, become more employable.”

De L’or Cakery is passionate about being the crème de la crème of desserts by providing professional service to ensure that any event will be a complete success with their custom and themed pastry designsThe cakery, which has catering options for both private and corporate events, serves a wide variety of customersSome of its major clients include Neiman Marcus, Curycon and the CEO of Cocoa Grinder. 

To learn more about De L’or Cakery and to support itsiFundWomen crowdfunding campaignplease visit