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Gourmet Cookie Mix Baking Options

I am so excited about the launch of our new gourmet cookie mix line. We currently offer two flavors; our Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies and White Chocolate Lemon Cookie. The Vanilla Sugar Cookie and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Mixes be available in 2021.

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Mix
Baking option 1: 2 jumbo-sized eggs and two sticks of unsalted butter
Baking option 2: Use 1 cup of coconut oil (I used Trader Joes) and ¾ cups of Aquafaba liquid, aka chickpea liquid. Our vegan baking option, which is also my favorite option. You will taste the coconut oil; however, it’s not potent to the point that you will lose the cookies’ taste. In my opinion, this cookie has a softer texture.
Baking option 3: Use 1 cup of coconut oil (Trader Joes) and two jumbo-sized eggs.
Baking option 4: Lastly, use ½ stick of melted butter (cooled) and two jumbo-sized eggs. This option results in a thin and crispy cookie. Yields 10 Jumbo Cookies or 16 standard size cookies.

Fun option: Scoop some vanilla ice cream in between two of our baked cookies, freeze for an hour to firm up, and you have a delicious ice cream sandwich.

White Chocolate Lemon Cookie Mix

Baking option: Two tablespoons of water, two sticks of unsalted butter, and two jumbo-sized eggs.
I do not recommend using coconut oil as a vegan replacement as the coconut oil is very potent. You may not be able to taste the lemon flavor.