Chef Ami Women Crush Wednesday

Hi I’m Ami Lora, of Cakes by Ami, I’m currently in Northern NJ, in a little town called Bergenfield about 15 min. away from NYC.


Cake by Ami started as a passion, I was going thru depression and baking became my oasis.  When I would bake and give it away people would be so in awe and would say “they couldn’t believe their taste buds” … that alone would make my day. I also started baking because my grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes and I wanted to bake something that would be delicious but not overly sweet for her.  That’s when after years of baking I decided to take it a notch up and enrolled in Pastry Arts School, boy was I in for a whirlwind! I thought I knew how to bake, but boy was I wrong! After completing an intense program during night school in the renowned (French Culinary Institute) now known as the International Culinary Center I graduated in 2010 and quickly became bombarded with orders, I decided to make it a legitimate business in 2012 after countless jobs in the industry and working alongside many talented and well know Chefs which I had the privilege to learn beside them.


In regards to challenges, I won’t “sugar coat it” not knowing if you’re going to get a next order is always nerve-racking.  Especially when baking is the means of supporting your household.  As a single parent juggling my kids intense sports schedule and making sure she is an Honor Student is a priority as a parent and always being her #1 cheerleader when she is playing is tough. Running a business is being on top of your hustle 24/7 I dream cake, smell cake and breath cake. Everything around me is inspiration for a cake! So, when others are celebrating I’m working sometimes 18-20 hrs. to ensure my clients get a pristine and delicious cake.


The most rewarding part about running your own business is some of the flexibility you have but above all is the joy you bring to everyone’s celebrations.  You are in someone’s home, wedding, shower, anniversary, birthday any and every special event you are a part of their celebration bringing joy and that is priceless in my book.


If you’re looking to become an entrepreneur you need to be prepared to Do the Work! Success or profits don’t come overnight or instantaneously. In today’s world everyone wants instant gratification and the real world is not like that. It takes many years of perfecting a recipe, building a clientele that will gravitate to you. Patience and perseverance are very important to always have.  If not, you are up for a rude awakening.  I have been in the business for the past 18 years and there is always room for improvement.  I am always learning and keeping up with the trends so never think just because you graduate from a Culinary School that’s it you know it all… it’s not it’s going thru the multiple failed attempts that polish you into becoming a knowledgeable person. Being humble and knowing when you need to seek out knowledge from other will also help you go far.  In the end if you are passionate about something that is what you should go after.  If your passion drives you, you won’t notice the countless sleepless nights you will only remember the smiles the gratitude and accolades you receive.


Running your own business has made it an entire family business. From my mom helping out with flowers to my sister helping with cupcakes and buttercream, to my daughter and my interns delivering and setting up while I’m working on a cake has become “It takes a village to build a cake”.  Working long hrs. to make things work, and having time for my kid, is a constant juggle but she knows that in the end it’s all for us.


My passion to create edible art is what constantly motivates me. Ensuring I’m a role model for my daughter that hard work, dedication and perseverance does lead to success in your own little world is ok.  I don’t have to be a giant super television celebrity, but in my little town many know me and come to me that right there is motivation to keep on going.


Having small goals always lead up to the end game.  So, having multiple goals throughout the year helps me keep motivated as well, This year I will be expanding my teaching classes and Party Packages, and one of our biggest sought out “Cookies for Santa” are already being requested. So hopefully in the next coming months those plans are on their way and for the next couple of years I will be working on searching for a little quaint location for a small Studio/Shop to help other bakers find supplies at their fingertips and affordable! All in God’s hands.


Sweet Regards,

Chef Ami

“Eat dessert first”