Staypineapple was sweet!

Where has the Cake Executive Officer been? I acknowledge that I have not been consistent for the past two months. My goal is to improve the experiences of my readers as I want you to be able to see a recipe, be inspired, and jump in. Also, I want to see photos of any recipes that you have attempted so I can share it. You might just inspire someone else to jump in and try to experience cooking or baking in the kitchen possibly for the first time. I know people who are afraid of decorating cakes. They are open to baking cakes but fear holds them back from attempting to work with fondant. If you have used play-doh or made dumplings your already in the game. 

What you can expect from me in 2020 are more restaurant and kitchen utensil reviews as well as healthy dessert recipe options. I want my blog to be transparent where bakers who are vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, or maybe just exploring healthier options can be inspired by what I am offering. 

I’ve been up to a few great things one of those being visiting another state. Our visit to Boston started with the Staypineapple Hotel. A good friend and I decided to visit Boston, MA for the first weekend in 2020. Our intention was to start the new year off by traveling to let the universe know that we intend on traveling more throughout 2020. I’ve been to Salem, MA for a day but never got to travel throughout Massachusettes. Staypineapple Hotel made it very easy to fall in love with Boston. On Friday night we arrived at the hotel to meet a very friendly, courteous, and professional staff. They offered us pineapple sugar cookies and water infused with sliced pineapples.   We went up to our room and upon entry, everything was yellow and white just like their website. Staypineapple has branding down to a science. I love it and appreciate it even more as a fellow entrepreneur. The room is equipped with a Keurig coffee pot, a large screen television mounted on the wall, fresh clean robes, and bathroom tissue shaped like a pineapple. Our room even smelled like fresh pineapples.

Staypineapple Hotel Boston, MA

On Saturday morning, we went down to the main area to venture out for the day and it was raining. The front desk staff heard us and gave us each a very large Staypineapple Hotel. Marketing Geniuses! The staff told us in the summertime they give you Staypineapple bikes to ride around in the city during your stay. We were on our way to The Friendly Toast however the lines were super duper long. We decided to have breakfast at Flour Bakery. We both tried the French Toast. So, if you don’t have a hearty appetite I offer that you share the French Toast. The French Toast is sold as one toast which is really a very large slice of bread sliced into two. We realized that we could’ve shared. 

We went into the hub of Boston to catch the train to visit Witching Heights in Salem, Massachusetts. The train station was bubbling with excitement as a game was about to begin in less than two hours. Boston knows how to represent their teams! We arrived in Salem where we spent the day visiting shops and museums and mini-malls.   

When we arrived back at the hotel we decided to have dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, The Trophy Room. By that time, I was grumpy I needed nourishment. I ordered a bunless burger with fries and blue cheese dipping sauce on the side. God Bless Bleu Cheese! Joy was a crispy plate of fries and that sauce.  I completely ignored the delicious burger, until two hours later. My friend had the fish and chips. In terms of the taste, let’s just say we’re from Brooklyn, NY and we season differently in New York. However, the fish had the perfect amount of crispy batter over it. 

On Sunday morning, we sadly checked out… not before my friend ushered right back over to Flour Bakery to nab some desserts to go. 

Flour Bakery Chocolate Cake
Flour Bakery French Toast