Why Cake Jars Are The Perfect Corporate Gift During The Covid 19 Pandemic

Why Cake Jars Are The Perfect Corporate Gift During The Covid 19 Pandemic

Corporate gift-giving year-round is a must! These presents are as much to show appreciation for your employees or coworkers’ hard work as they are a gesture of goodwill.

Going into 2022, we need goodwill and good vibes more than ever. Desserts embody both these qualities, which is why we’re here to tell you that gourmet cake jars are the perfect corporate gift to give during the covid 19 pandemic.

What Are Cake Jars?

Cake jars are glass mason jars filled to the brim with delectable layers of moist cake, creamy buttercream frosting, gooey ganache, and fruit toppings. They’re magical medleys of flavors that anyone can enjoy, including popular favorites like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Why Are Cake Jars The Perfect Corporate Gift?

Why would you want to gift these tasty treats to your employees? We’ve got five great reasons below.

1.     Cakes Are Crowd-Pleasers

Who doesn’t love cake? Most of us have precious childhood memories of eating it at birthday parties and special events. It’s like a dose of nostalgia in a small edible package.

Cake is also a versatile dessert: a professional baker can cater to the recipient’s flavor preferences and dietary restrictions, and still make it scrumptious to eat.

2.     Cake Jars Are Zero Waste

For our readers who want to give gifts without dipping into wasteful consumerism, cake jars are the ticket. They are completely zero waste: the inside is edible, and you can reuse the glass jar in an endless number of ways. Use it as a catch-all for paper clips at the office, or plant a tiny succulent to bring greenery to your cubicle. You can also take it home, wash it, and put your own homemade dessert inside to eat or regift!

3.     Cake Jars Are Sanitary And Covid-Safe

Cake jars are a sanitary and covid-safe gift. At our bakery, we adhere to the latest recommendations made by the local New York City government, the CDC, and the FDA to ensure utmost safety for our customers and minimize the transmission of covid. Furthermore, the cake jar is already sealed when you buy it, and the only person who will touch or breathe on the cake after you purchase it is the person you gift it to.

4.     Cake Jars Are Customizable

If you really want to express your appreciation for the employees at your company, you can customize each cake jar with a label. The label can show the recipient’s name or a special word that you feel describes their personality.

5.     Cake Jars Are Shippable

Shipping cakes? Yes, it’s possible with cake jars. They’re sealed when you order them, so you can send them to your company offices around New York City, or even around the country. This way every employee feels appreciated.

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