Henny boo-boo wings!! Dallas BBQ Cocktail, Dallas BBQ appetizers

Your cheat day has arrived and you can enjoy it while savoring on jumbo deep fried chicken wings braised in a sweet Hennessy cognac sauce. Don’t expect to get “nice” off of these wings so you may want to opt for the Texas size frozen drinks with an upside down bottle of corona. Yes, it’s like that! Dallas BBQ does not skimp on their use of spirits. A half serving of wings (five) equates to ten standard wings so they will fill you up along with a side dish. Soups, rotisserie chicken, seafood, steaks, and healthier options are on the menu. Dallas BBQ has ample parking and seats are usually available unless there is a noteworthy sports team playing on a major network. Dallas BBQ provides convenience, quantity, and quality frozen drinks. Dallas BBQ is located on Livingston Street in Downtown Brooklyn with sufficient transportation.