Brooklyn Height’s dessert café

Mara’s Bakery and Cafe is a well-lit cozy establishment offering heartwarming soups, freshly prepared salads, and delicious entrees with desserts that will tickle your tongue. Mara’s bakery and café offer a variety of fresh roasted premium coffee. It’s roasted on the spot when you place your order. Amazing! You can enjoy their premium coffee in house or from the comfort of your home on a chilly October morning. A vast majority of their ingredients are imported from Italy. Ciao! I sat down with President and CEO Ian Magley to hear the inspiration behind Mara’s bakery.


“Mara’s café and bakery is a mom and pop owned company based in New Jersey. It started with Mara and her husband Glenn in 1984 with a push from family and friends. Our first store opened in Denville, N.J. and the response was magnificent. Recently, we decided to franchise our business starting with our Fanwood, N.J. location and now New York in the heart of Brooklyn. Were excited about the endless possibilities here in Brooklyn. We want to provide an award winning experience to the locals”.


Mara’s cafe gelato

Mara’s Gelato

Gelato unlike ice cream is denser and has richer ingredients. Gelato has less fat and tastes much better. The last time I smiled like that to keep it PG13 was in 2012. Mara’s Chocolate Mocha Hazelnut gelato tastes like that imported chocolate that you received on a past Valentine’s Day from your loved one. It was memorable!

Delicately rich and smooth chocolate ice cream laced with imported hazelnut and garnished with deep dark chocolate swirls. It left me feeling sweet and bubbly. I am not a fan of coconut however the Big Kahuna flavor has reeled me in. A different pairing of chocolate cream mixed with caramel and then blessed with toasted coconut topping.


I had the opportunity to try Mara’s Seasoned Chicken Panini and Balsamic Bleu Salad. The Panini was delicious with fresh roasted red peppers (no skimping) seasoned and sliced grilled chicken breast, mozzarella, and basil pesto on a garlic buttered focaccia bread.

By the time the Balsamic Bleu Salad arrived I knew that this company meant serious business. Fresh romaine lettuce, imported cheeses and tomatoes, house made balsamic dressing, pecans (side eye) with my favorite blue cheese crumbles.


It gets better! Gelatoccinos is Mara’s custom blend of their gelato with their fresh roasted coffee. Who does that! Why settle for a mocha from the other side of the tracks when you can have a Chocolate Mochal Hazelnut Gelatoccino.  This is another one of their secrets that will tingle your tongue while keeping you warm. This will be a must during my next evening journey into the Heights along with their signature Cinnamon French toast.

Ian, you’re a gentleman and a great hostess. Thank you for reaching out to me. Your staff are super friendly!  I wish Mara’s bakery and café much success.  Mara’s café offers delivery with a minimum of $25.00 per order. Brooklyn sign up for Mara’s loyalty program which earns you $5.00 for every 100 points you can accumulate free desserts.

Update: Mara’s cafe in Brooklyn is closed. They have two locations operating in New Jersey.