Wedding Cake Bliss

Wedding Cake Bliss

Let’s find your cake artist!

Congratulations on your engagement! Shopping for a wedding cake isn’t as challenging as it appears. This should be a fun and fruitful experience.  When you meet with your event planner he or she may have a Wedding Cake Artist that they prefer to work with.  If I was walking down the aisle I would want to know that I have a team of professionals that’s going to support me from beginning to end. It’s imperative that you get to know your event planners and your team. It’s important for you to familiarize yourself with some information prior to your Wedding Cake consultation.

Servsafe certification means that the caterer you are hiring has knowledge of food contamination and how to take precaution to avoid it. This is very important. You don’t want your cake to be prepared in the same kitchen where salmon is being prepped.  Most bakers deliver wedding cakes and if they don’t they should let you know right up front. If you decide that you want your cake artist to cut and serve the cake there is usually another fee. Consult with your event planner if your catering hall offers the cake cutting service as part of their package.  It’s more economical than paying an additional fee.

Fondant is the smooth sugar paste that covers butter cream cakes to give it a clean, smooth, and seamless professional look. If any cake artist tells you that fondant taste bad I would consult with another professional. Fondant comes in many flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, etc) and is manufactured by many companies.  You have options!  A smooth clean finish can be achieved with a butter cream cake however it can take longer and I don’t advise this in hot climate. A fondant covered cake travels better than a butter cream cake in the summer.

Marzipan (almond paste, confection sugar, and corn syrup) often used amongst English bakers is another form of sugar paste that is used to cover Alcohol infused fruit cakes. It prevents the alcohol from soaking or leaking into the fondant covered cake. The marzipan is applied first and then a thin application of the fondant.   It preserves the cake much longer.  Marzipan is a great alternative to gum paste for creating flowers and figurines.

Modeling chocolate is sugar paste and real chocolate created to make adornments and figurines. This does not hold up well in hot climates so gum paste and fondant are used in its place.

Roses, brocades, bows, ribbons, figurines, etc are all adornments that can provide the wow effect that you are seeking. Some bakers include the price for adornments in their cake slice and some do not.  Depending on how many flowers or how detailed your wedding cake is could mean a two week time frame just to make those flowers. It’s a lot of work that goes into details.

In regards to payment, a deposit should be placed once you’ve made a choice on your cake flavor and design. The deposit secures your date and delivery time. Depending on the extensive detail on your cake you may not be entitled to a refund. Most bakers have a no refund policy from 30 days or 7 days prior to your wedding date. In unforeseen circumstances, at the discretion of the baker he or she may refund you minus the cost of any supplies purchased.  Most cake suppliers do not give us a refund on products purchased. The more detailed the cake the higher the cost of supplies.  Or they will opt to give you a store credit good for a year or two.

Recently, I accompanied another professional for a tasting and there were about 4-5 family members involved in the process. I do not recommend this. This particular tasting was a two hour long process it was tedious and had no positive end result. At my last tasting,  I met with the Bride and her daughter. It was a positive experience. The bridal tasting shouldn’t involve any kids.  As the bride, I wouldn’t suggest traveling with more than two individuals for your tasting. Most cake artists charge for a tasting which includes a few cake flavors and sketching. The bride should be prepared to share any pictures or ideas for her wedding cake with the artist.

Bridal Don’ts:

Don’t ask your Wedding Cake Artist why her cake is more expensive than the last decorator. Some wedding cake artist use cake box and others bake from scratch. Some individuals use imported ingredients from other countries to enhance their cake. Ultimately, you get what you pay for.

Don’t tell a baker that her cake is sweet…buttercream is naturally sweet it’s made with sugar! If your seeking a more subtle taste then opt for Swiss meringue butter cream which costs more.  Some supermarkets use lard instead of fresh unsalted butter that offers a more bland taste.

Don’t wait 30 days before your wedding to book a wedding cake consultation.

Bridal Do’s:

Do eat a piece of your cake at your wedding.

Do order a small tier cake for you and your hubby to enjoy.

Do book your wedding cake three months in advance.

Do read your cake contract thoroughly and ask questions.



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