De L’or Cakery at The 2022 Brown Sugar Cake Retreat

I am happy to share that I am a panelist for Porsha Kimble’s 2022 Brown Sugar Cake Retreat (BSCR) in New Orleans, Lousiana. This is a sold-out event! I’ll be sharing my journey of how to pivot your business, products and become Retail Ready. What is the BSCR? Porsha Kimble shares that, “My Brown Sugar Cake Retreat started three years ago. The idea came from constantly being rejected from other cake shows. I felt there were repeat presenters and teachers, and I wanted to give a platform for newbies and people in the cake/treat community a chance to level up in their business. It is hard to break into teaching and to demonstrate in the sweets community because the offers are so limited”. 

I can 100% relate to Porsha’s statement. I’ve experienced wrongful rejections from a few cake shows. I’ve witnessed judges dismissing their own errors to save face and then some. Porsha made a pivotal move in the cake industry when she birthed the Brown Sugar Cake Retreat, and now she’s birthing the Brown Sugar Cookie Retreat. I can’t wait to see the beauty of this and many of her new upcoming projects. 

Porsha’s many known talents include her beautiful textured buttercream cakes elements, witty personality, and innovative cake trends.