In the kitchen with kayisha

Welcome to my kitchen! Mi casa es su casa. I invite you to pull up a chair, a beverage of your liking, and let’s explore some tantalizing creations.
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    Women Supporting Women?

    Motivation Monday Edition Women Supporting Women? I have always been a strong advocate for women supporting women, especially when it comes to women in male-dominated industries. In broad terms, that might categorize me as a feminist However, if I am a feminist, then I am one with a twist. You see, I do not support […]

  • delor_cakery_community

    Cake Designer teaches Sugar Artistry to Harlem youth

    I am SUPER excited to share that I will be serving up a Sugar Artistry curriculum to a cohort of middle school youth in Harlem, NY. The students are in for a BIG sugary treat!  They are getting a full cup of yours truly! And just like bubblegum buttercream, I’m colorful, fancy, and full of […]

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